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Cliffset Cutlery - Early Bird

$29.00 $45.00 saving $16.00

Cliffset Cutlery - Early Bird

$29.00 $45.00 saving $16.00
  • Overview
  • The Cleaning Tool
  • Specifications
  • The portable, personal cutlery set that comes with its own dishwasher.

  • Our custom-contoured scrape and spray cleaning tool works like it’s made for our cutlery—because it is. 

    The cleaning tool serves as a rigid edge underneath your napkin to scrape that last bit of dried up food.

    The 3 ridges fit right between Cliffset’s fork tines to scrape off every last bit of uneaten food, while the flat and curved edges are perfect matches for Cliffset’s knife and spoon.

    The refillable cleaning tool sprays household cleaning solutions for anywhere, no-rinse cleaning. We love Pure Lemon Extract, a food-safe solution that’s perfect for on-the-go cleaning. It’s ingredients? Alcohol, water, and lemon oil. That’s it. (Ships unfilled. Pure Lemon Extract sold separately for US ground shipping. Also sold in most grocery stores.)

  • Weight: 7 oz. Packaged and shipped with plastic-free materials.

Customer Reviews

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I love it

This cutlery set is simply perfect, you get a knife, fork, a spoon and a Little spray where you can put lemon extract to clean it all up. It works great and looks amazing. I always need everything in my backpack and this set does the job. Highly recommended


Was definitely hesitant to start carrying my own utensils around town but it’s been a really great experience with cliffset. It’s compact, sturdy, and stays clean which is important for me. Ordering some more as gifts for friends and family.

High quality

I don’t usually write a review but feel it is warranted due to the surprisingly high quality of this product. I also ordered the lemon extract and love the scent! Who knew that it could be used as a cleanser? Brilliant.

Incredible quality and design

Cliffset cutlery looks beautiful, feels solid, and is intentional in every bit of its design. The compact case bundles everything up into a small package for east transport. The “dishwasher” is simple and effective. I love the colors, and the simple silver, too. Again, you can tell by holding each piece that this is high quality made by folks who are super attentive to every detail. Everyone needs Cliffset cutlery in their bag, backpack, purse, briefcase or pocket.

Best set I've owned

Best portable set I've owned. I tried carrying bamboo utensils in the past but they trapped food and got gross. I feel comfortable using this several times between washes because of the alcohol sprayer. Feels well built, nice design, and feels comfortable to eat with

Glad you love it, Ted! We (and Mother Earth) thank you for reusing!