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I’m Cam. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, studied food systems at UC Berkeley, and was living on my boat in Alameda when I noticed all of the trash floating in the water every morning. 

I learned that in the US alone, we throw out 40 billion plastic utensils per year. I nearly lost my lunch. Being a busy, on-the-go eater, I surely contributed to that pollution which was a realization that didn't sit well. 

 plastic vs bamboo cutlery

I bought a bamboo set to make the planet a little cleaner but my life got a little messier. Washing utensils in a public restroom or stuffing crusty utensils my pockets. If I remembered to wash that night, I definitely would forget to repack them the next day. Does reducing our eco footprint really mean sacrificing my convenience and cleanliness?

Cliffset was born during a global pandemic... a time in which everyone, including myself, realized a little alcohol can go a long way to keep things clean. An thus, the idea for Cliffset was born. With the help of talented friends and family, we designed the first personal, portable cutlery set to come with its own dishwasher. We successfully launched with thousands of pre-orders on Kickstarter in 2020.

Our vision is a world without plastic pollution. To do so, we're out to inspire clean, convenient, and sustainable habits around eating and reusing while on-the-go.

As a 1% for the Planet company, we're doubling down on our environmental commitment by donating 1% of all sales to environmental non-profits. 


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