Introducing Cliffset.

The world's only portable, personal cutlery set to come with its own dishwasher.


A case for clean eating.

Eating with flimsy, disposable plastic cutlery isn’t much fun for you—or the planet. In fact, plastic utensils are some of the most common bits of trash littering the world’s beaches, and among the biggest threats to the delicate eco-systems found in oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams.

And while Cliffset isn’t the only eco-friendly option out there, just try getting dried-up guacamole off your bamboo fork without access to water, soap, and a brush.

Cliffset is different. It fits your on-the-go lifestyle. So you can get lunch. Get clean. And get moving.

  • Infinitely reusable.

    Made from 18/8 stainless steel with powder-coated handles, Cliffset can stand up to anything from dishwashers to petrified hummus. Durable. Sustainable. Portable. And exceptionally tasteful.

  • Keep it clean, folks.

    Our custom-contoured scraping and sanitizing tool works like it’s made for our cutlery—because it is. The tool’s ridges are designed to fit right between the fork tines to “floss” out every last bit of food, while the straight and curved edges are perfect matches for the knife and spoon. The refillable spray bottle contains alcohol to kill germs and sanitize. No rinse, no residue, no waste.

  • Express yourself.

    Our powder-coated stainless-steel handles come in a variety of colors, including no color at all. They’re elegant, ergonomically designed, and really, really ridiculously good-looking. Talk about the perfect dinner companion.

  • Put it in your pocket.

    Or your bag, car, or desk—without getting teriyaki sauce on everything else you own. With its custom compression-molded case, Cliffset can go anywhere, including the laundry. So you can eat. Clean. And carry on.

Easy to clean. Easy to carry. Easy to love.

The hardest thing about Cliffset is waiting to get yours. But that’s an easy fix. Just sign up below to be among the first to be notified when we launch our Kickstarter on October 21, and save 45% on your order with our Super Early Bird discount!


See what beta-testers have to say.

I've been searching for the perfect set of reusables for years. I think I've finally found it. Cliffset is well-designed, works great, and cleans easily.

Cliffset helps me eat responsibly anywhere I go. The fact that it cleans itself means no more sticky pockets of my bag. Cliffset crushes the competition.

I got Cliffset in orange. I keep it on me and BOOM- I feel like I'm doing my part whenever I'm eating on the go. Everyone I know will be getting Cliffset from me for the holidays.

I was getting tired of cleaning crusty bamboo cutlery so I'm pretty excited about Cliffset!

I like the black set because it really showcases my dark personality.