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  • Overview
  • The Cleaning Tool
  • Specifications
  • The portable, personal cutlery set that comes with its own dishwasher.

  • Our custom-contoured scrape and spray cleaning tool works like it’s made for our cutlery—because it is. 

    The cleaning tool serves as a rigid edge underneath your napkin to scrape that last bit of dried up food.

    The 3 ridges fit right between Cliffset’s fork tines to scrape off every last bit of uneaten food, while the flat and curved edges are perfect matches for Cliffset’s knife and spoon.

    The refillable cleaning tool sprays household cleaning solutions for anywhere, no-rinse cleaning. We love Pure Lemon Extract, a food-safe solution that’s perfect for on-the-go cleaning. It’s ingredients? Alcohol, water, and lemon oil. That’s it.

  • Weight: 7 oz. Packaged and shipped with plastic-free materials.