There's a myriad of reusable products on the market. Which ones are the best to adopt on your road to sustainable living? 

The simple answer: The reusable gear that you actually love to consistently carry, use, and reuse again and again. 

We get a lot of troll-ish comments on our instagram ads along the lines of "just wrap your kitchen fork in a cloth napkin and wash it at home" as though they just exposed One weird trick that portable cutlery businesses don't want you to know.

That is so ok! We celebrate that you don't want to buy additional products especially if what you already own is serving you. Resist the shiny Hydro Flask if your old peanut butter jar suffices as an everyday water bottle. Seriously. 

But back to utensils. Back when I decided to start carrying my own, my bamboo fork would splinter and collect old bits of food. I tried foldy camping sporks and kitchen utensils, but they got greasy and would clang against my other belongings in my bag. I stopped taking trips to the Chipotle public restroom to rinse my utensils as it wasn't the best experience. Sometimes I'd remember to unpack and wash that night. But would I remember to repack it the next day? Not always. I'm human. 

If you don't love the experience around carrying reusables, you probably won't do it as often.

I can confirm because I'd often find myself without reusables when I needed them. People who study habits will confirm that unpleasant acts don't inspire repetition. 

Are we disrupting soap and water? No. But sometimes life is busy so while on your next road trip, keep your Cliffset clean in your glovebox so it's ready for your next pitstop. Lunch at your desk and dinner with friends at Chipotle that evening? Have at it.

Check out this video we made reviewing our favorite portable, reusable gear. Unfortunately for me, no brands are paying me to make this video. I just genuinely like their products.


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